About us

Regardless of the size of the team, clear, effective communication is one of the most important tools for collaboration. In case of a business, all of this goes beyond the effectiveness of joint work: the effectiveness and success of the company depends on it, whether it is about communication among colleagues or maintaining contact with partners and customers. The task of Synergy is to ensure and improve this, in foreign languages.

We do not simply teach foreign languages, grammar and vocabulary. We prepare your colleagues for oral and written communication in business and professional life, so that their language skills can be used at a high level in practice, as well.

We do not provide your colleagues with new tasks, but we strive to improve their commitment and their own success during the time they spend with us.

Dakos Enikő, a Synergy Nyelviskola alapítója, ügyvezetője és szakmai igazgatója. / Enikő Dakos, founder, managing and professional director of Synergy Language School.

Enikő Dakos

Founder, English and German language teacher

The basis of my adult education methodology is to provide knowledge that can be applied and utilized in the corporate environment. I do not consider language knowledge as the set of vocabulary used according to specific rules, but as an important pillar of professional life and effectiveness, for which the (business) life-like, confident use of language is essential. Prior to founding Synergy, during nearly 15 years, I have equipped hundreds of professionals, leaders and top managers working in various industries with the knowledge and practice necessary for successful and effective foreign language communication in their profession, work, and business life.


“Every service depends on the person behind it, the leader who defines the culture and the face of the company. Enikő has everything she needs to succeed as the founder of a language school, too. She is purposeful, thorough, always prepared, able to improve continuously, and in addition, she establishes great relationship with almost everyone, and can provide motivation for language learning in any situations. In the past 10 years and even today in the everyday life of our company as well as in my personal life, language learning is associated with Enikő, I hardly know anyone who does not study with her, which cannot be a coincidence. Her internal motivation for high-quality education is so strong that she was also able to learn the telematics service at our company. I am glad that she has founded a language school and she has not become our competitor!”

Pál Németh, CEO, WebEye Telematics

When I went to my first lesson 6 years ago, my only goal was to get some quick help to be able to give a presentation in English. What I got was much more than a quick help! Not only useful practices for learning words that are more difficult to remember or putting English grammar in logical order for confident and powerful communication, but also a practical guide and preparation for a demanding presentation. Moreover, I have also learned problem-solving techniques that can be applied successfully in other areas of life. What’s the secret? The maximum commitment to high-quality language teaching, which turns classes starting as being tired into an energetic and special experience. And after many lessons, you realize that you can always count on your teacher’s enthusiastic support to achieve your goals.

Andrea Pummer, Head of Department

“It all started with a company language course five years ago. Our joint work has been characterized by energy, dynamism, perseverance and a mutual result-orientation then and now, too. Thanks to the diligent and persistent work during this time, not only has the knowledge deepened and has been supported by documents, but it also has taken the form of a continuous training that spans workplaces and careers, which fills a kind of essence in the life of a person hungry for knowledge.”

Norbert László, Software Development Manager

“Having known Enikő for almost a decade, I can confidentially say that she is a true professional, who I’ve always looked up.

She is unbelievably motivated, talented, well prepared and more importantly teaching English for her is not a simple job but a profession. Her expertise is outstanding if it either comes to private lesson or a group one. I feel so lucky that our path crossed and had the chance to be her student.”

Kalácska Dóra, People and Culture Leader, HR

“We really like working together. If we feel that we are not in the mood to learn a language right now, this will change in the first 5 minutes of the lesson. The classes themselves are a special experience of the day, they are always spent in a good mood, and as the lessons are very interactive and direct, they also strengthen the team spirit within the organisation.”

Barna Zoltán, Co-Owner and Lead Software Developer

“With Enikő, a variety of media were used within lessons, and tasks took many forms which accommodated me of varying abilities. High-level questioning techniques were employed to broaden my thinking. Enikő always demonstrated exceptional teaching skills and always ensured that my experience success by challenging my abilities in order to encourage as much growth and development as possible. Under her guidance and encouragement, I consistently realized measurable gains.

I am pleased to recommend her for working together on developing English language skills.”

Beáta Smid, Head of Communications and Public Affairs for Hungary, Cluster Head for CES

“I have been working with Enikő for approximately 7 years, with minor interruptions. As an HR leader, language training has been one of the most important parts of the motivational benefit package at several of my companies in recent years. On the occasion of our first collaboration, Enikő quickly demonstrated with her modern teaching method, dynamism and drive, how effective corporate language training for adults can be. In addition to the fact that our colleagues have developed spectacularly through her classes, she has almost continuously achieved a 100% participation rate, since her working methods have made language learning enjoyable for everyone filled with feelings of success. That is why, when I later represented another company, there was no question of involving Enikő in our language teaching tender, which she successfully won and has been teaching more and more classes ever since.

In addition to our professional cooperation, I have also attended her classes as a student, thanks to which I have been able to take a nice career path myself, since today I fulfil my duties in English as the Regional HR Manager of an international company, which would not have been possible, or would have been very difficult, without her. I am grateful to Enikő for successfully supporting my personal and professional development for many years with her excellent work as a language teacher!”

Anikó Bernáth, Regional People Partner, Central Europe