Corporate language education tailored to the industry and operation peculiarities of your company based on the varying level of foreign language knowledge and roles of your colleagues.


About us

At Synergy, we specialize specifically in adult language education, mainly in corporate language training and in the improvement of communication skills. The educational strategy of our language school is to provide our partners with language skills that are tailored to the profile of the company that support their businesses and business goals at the highest level that motivate the colleagues, and that can be applied quickly and effectively in practice, too. We guarantee all these with several decades of professional experience and with the enthusiasm of our instructors.

We do not only think of ourselves as a language school, but as a professional team that must contribute to the efficient operation, business development and success of our clients.

How do we do it in practice?

We do not only believe, but the collaborations of the past decades have also proven that applicability should be the primary goal of corporate language education. We are committed to developing effective language skills that can be used quickly and confidently in everyday work and we develop the foreign language training strategy of our clients by keeping the principle of applicability in mind.

Gyakorlatorientált céges nyelvórák, idegennyelvi beszéd- és íráskészség-fejlesztés. / Practice-oriented language learning, development of oral and written foreign language skills.

Trainings and services

  • General business language training
  • Industry and profession specific language training
  • Group and individual lessons
  • Executive level language training
  • Presentation or negotiation preparation
  • Translation
  • Personal, online and hybrid lessons
  • Targeted language competence improvement – ​​speaking/listening skills, reading/writing skills
Személyes, hibrid és online nyelvoktatás angol, német, olasz és francia nyelven. / Personal, hybrid, and online language courses in English, German, Italian, and French.


Every service depends on the person behind it, the leader who defines the culture and the face of the company. Enikő has everything she needs to succeed as the founder of a language school, too. She is purposeful, thorough, always prepared, able to improve continuously, and in addition, she establishes great relationship with almost everyone, and can provide motivation for language learning in any situations. In the past 10 years and even today in the everyday life of our company as well as in my personal life, language learning is associated with Enikő, I hardly know anyone who does not study with her, which cannot be a coincidence. Her internal motivation for high-quality education is so strong that she was also able to learn the telematics service at our company. I am glad that she has founded a language school and she has not become our competitor!

Pál Németh, CEO, WebEye Telematics

When I went to my first lesson 6 years ago, my only goal was to get some quick help to be able to give a presentation in English. What I got was much more than a quick help! Not only useful practices for learning words that are more difficult to remember or putting English grammar in logical order for confident and powerful communication, but also a practical guide and preparation for a demanding presentation. Moreover, I have also learned problem-solving techniques that can be applied successfully in other areas of life. What’s the secret? The maximum commitment to high-quality language teaching, which turns classes starting as being tired into an energetic and special experience. And after many lessons, you realize that you can always count on your teacher’s enthusiastic support to achieve your goals.

Andrea Pummer, Head of Department

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