General business language education

After assessing the given foreign language level in case of groups and individuals, we provide the necessary knowledge required for stable, foreign language skills in a relevant and usable context in business life and in the professional environment; we train your colleagues for real business communication.

Industry and profession specific language trainings

In addition to the general business language, we prepare the topics of the training courses specifically for the industry or field of expertise, so that your colleagues can acquire the language skills that are best applicable in their own fields of expertise and work.

  • finance and banking sector
  • foreign trade
  • IT
  • telecommunications
  • logistics and freight forwarding
  • law
  • technology
  • medicine and pharmaceutical industry
  • marketing and communication
  • quality assurance and quality management

Group and individual lessons

If the foreign language training protocol operating at your company provides different educational support for each position or job, we will adjust the group and individual courses within the company accordingly. If you haven’t got a training model yet, we can help you create one.

Language lessons for top managers and executives

Top managers and executives can also meet challenging negotiations, give interviews to foreign media or can give presentations in an international environment. Lifelong learning – as it is said in English – is not different with foreign languages, either. Based on demand, we provide regular or occasional private lessons for your top managers and executives.

Presentation or negotiation preparation

In important business and professional situations, it is often difficult to perform confidently even in our own mother tongue, and your colleagues act on behalf of the company in these situations. We prepare your colleagues for assignments, lectures, presentations, and important negotiations with focus and with situational exercises.

Targeted language competence development

speaking/ listening comprehension/ reading/ writing

In many cases, even with a high level of linguistic and grammatical foundations, there are difficulties in its practical applicability, so we put great emphasis on the improvement of expressiveness and text comprehension, oral confidence, the expansion of life-like vocabulary and the formalities of official correspondence.

Personal, online and hybrid lessons

We work with methodology and curriculum tailored to personal and online trainings, and in case of flexible or changing home office opportunities we provide hybrid classes so that your colleagues can join the group classes from their homes.

Translation, interpretation

In addition to the language education, we also undertake consecutive interpretation in the taught languages, the translation of your contracts, multilingual communication materials, and regulations on a case-by-case basis or as a permanent partner, as well.

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